3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Penetration Testing

The Internet has brought us closer together than ever before, but it has also made us more vulnerable to attacks. This has prompted many businesses to concentrate on and prioritise cybersecurity.

The advantages of investing in Penetration Testing to examine the vulnerabilities of an organization’s IT systems, applications, and network components far outweigh any upfront costs.


Having a reliable outsourced team of penetration testers is a smart move since the team is readily available – without you having to reallocate resources from other critical tasks. Internal resources can be engaged in furthering your growth.

Latest methodologies:

Outsourcing not only frees up resources, but it also allows the company to take advantage of new methodologies and industry best practises provided by third-party service providers. 


Since a dedicated team of penetration testers perform similar tasks day-in-day-out, there is an efficiency driven outcome guaranteed to you. Also, you get better quality results as the penetration test partner is looking for your repeat business and referrals.

To protect your assets, we at Rhinofense utilize a combination of manual and automatic test workflows to identify security loopholes in your systems. We are happy to have a chat with regards to your penetration testing needs: contact@rhinofense.com