Hunting Vulnerabilities

Our penetration testing service is designed to identify and assess the vulnerabilities in your systems, networks and applications. Our team of certified security experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your infrastructure using a variety of tools and techniques to identify and demonstrate vulnerabilities. 

Our penetration testing service is designed to simulate a real-world cyber attack in order to provide a clear and accurate picture of the risks your business is facing and the remediations steps.

At a minimum, we cover the following key vulnerability classes with a set set of methodologies in-line with OWASP Top 10:

Injection VulnerabilitiesBroken Access Control
Broken AuthenticationBusiness Logic
Sensitive Data ExposureSecurity Misconfigurations
XML External EntitiesCross-Site Scripting
Insecure DeserializationOutdated Technologies

Our Penetration Testing services are focused on a multi-level discipline that involves asset foot-printing & reconnaissance, vulnerability identification, exploitation, post-exploitation actions and reporting.

If you want to protect your business from cyber threats, contact us today in order to learn about our following penetration testing services.

Web Penetration Testing​

Identifies unsafe development practices and exploitable vulnerabilities in your web applications, websites, API's, etc. by following OWASP methodologies.

Network Penetration Testing

Identifies security vulnerabilities within networks and devices accessible from the Internet, as well as internal servers.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Identifies unsafe configurations and exploitable security vulnerabilities within your cloud infrastructure.

Mobile Penetration Testing

Identifies vulnerabilities arising due to specific attack vectors on iOS and Android applications (OWASP Mobile).